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Repiping Materials

The blog articles offer useful tips and information on different materials used for repiping. Articles look at, for example, PEX pipe, known for its longevity, and ease of installation, assessing the condition of copper piping, which can corrode over time, and identifying and replacing Poly-B piping in your Vancouver home. We offer advice on when to seek professional assistance. These articles are intended as a resource for Vancouver homeowners looking to understand their repiping options and make informed decisions.

Benefits of Repiping With PEX Pipe

Benefits of Repiping With PEX Pipe

December 26th, 2023 in Benefits of Repiping
PEX or polyethylene cross-linked pipe is a great choice for whole house repiping because of its long life, cost, and ease of installation. Read more here.
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Why Your Copper Piping Should Be Assessed
There is a real possibility that your home’s copper piping may need attention depending on its age. Copper pipe corrodes over time. Read more here.
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How Know If Your Home Has Poly-B Piping
PolyB piping is not hard to identify if you know what to look for. But you can always get help from professionals to identify it if needed. Read more here.
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