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Leak Detection

The potential cost of a water leak in your home can be catastrophic. Learn about water leaks and early leak detection, the causes of PolyB pipe failures, the hidden dangers of undetected water leaks, and more, to protect your Vancouver home and ensure a reliable plumbing system. Stay informed about leaks and re-piping options that can safeguard your property with expert advice from 604-Fix-Leak.

What Causes PolyB Pipe to Fail?

What Causes PolyB Pipe to Fail?

April 27th, 2024 in Leak Detection
Polybutylene or PolyB pipe can fail for reasons of heat, uv light, crimps, connections, and high levels or chlorine in the water. Read more here.
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How Hidden Pipe Leaks Affect You and Your Home
Hidden pipe leaks can go undetected for a long time causing more and more damage. Look for signs of leaks and get help from professionals. Read more here.
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