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Licensed Repiping Services

Pipe Replacement in Vancouver

604-Fix-Leak specializes in Vancouver repiping services for Poly B, Copper, and Corroded pipes. Don't wait until your pipe leaks to take action, contact us today for a free and honest assessment of your piping.

  • Get detailed job estimates for your repiping project.
  • All completed work is certified and inspected.


Repiping Services

Reasons To Replace The Pipes In Your Home

Prevent the Possibility of a Large Flood

Water temperature, water pressure, and weak fittings can lead to pinhole cracks or pipe ruptures. The best defense is being proactive.

Repairing Poly-B Pipes is Not Possible

Poly-B piping and parts are no longer manufactured and because poly-b pipes are not safe to use, no professional plumber would agree to make repairs.

New Pipes Increase Your Home's Value

Upgrading the piping in your home increases the property value exponentially and improves the quality of life for those inside.

Save Money in the Long Run

We document all piping upgrades in your home, giving you verifiable proof of investment, and lowering the cost of your homeowner's insurance.

Ready to Replace Your Pipes?

Contact 604-Fix-Leak today for a quote on your Vancouver repiping project.

We’re Not Just Plumbers!

Not only do we employ the best plumbers, we have the best drywallers and the best painters in the Vancouver area. Once your repiping project is complete, we can have our team drywall and repaint for you, leaving your home just as it was when we started.